POLARIS Flash Meter

Since its launch in 1995, POLARIS has sold more than 200,000 units in more than 60 countries around the world.

POLARIS Flash Meter Series

“Long-selling” POLARIS flash meter is a professional meter with world-class features and performance, at a fraction of the cost of comparable models. All models are RoHs compliant, Made in Japan.

■ “NEW” POLARIS Karat Flash Meter

『Simple, Easy, Tough』 of POLARIS is reborn with adding new features!

Easy to see in a large color LCD display, and operation has been further improved with using the Cross Key. In addition, it is a next-generation model that enhance the function of flash light measurement, such as Flash Duration Mode, and Flash Ratio Function.

Flash Duration (FD) Mode

<World’s First>
Measuring the duration time of the strobe flash.(T0.5: 1/100~1/9000)

Flash Duration (FD) Mode

Flash Ratio Function

On Flash measuring, ratio of strobe light of overall light quantity is displayed. (in 1% increment)

Flash Ratio Function

Auto ISO Mode

Setting desired Aperture(F)and Shutter Speed(T)find appropriate ISO number.

Auto ISO Mode

Contrast Function:

It shows the difference between average value and newly measured value by ΔEV. Useful for checking lighting evenness of backgrounds, and lighting ratio.

Contrast Function

POLARIS Flash Meter has the function and microprocessor-driven accuracy you expect, plus some additional conveniences might not, like and oversized LCD display, Multi-flash capability and user-preset program levels. (PL)

POLARIS 2 Flash Meter is an enhanced version of the original POLARIS Flash Meter. It offers an on-command backlight LCD display. It is an essential feature when taking readings in a dimly lit situation or when using flash in a studio.

By depressing the backlight button located conveniently adjacent to the trigger button, the electroluminescence light is activated and will stay on as long as the button is depressed. This gives you complete control of the backlight feature regardless of the mode being used, whether it is flash, ambient or combined.

■ The new, full-featured professional POLARIS dual5 Flash Meter offers 5 degree spot and incident measurement for ambient and flash light. Extra wide and bright view finder makes easy targeting of subject. It also offers an on-command backlight LCD as well.

POLARIS MK2 Flash Meter is upgrade mode of POLARIS 2 Flash Meter. ISO guide number is automatically displayed and blink every time after indicating the battery check when meter is turned on, and setting program is preserved when it turn off. Stylish and novel new color are available, “Wine Red”, “Grey and Black two-tone” color.>

    Flash Meter
    Flash Meter2
    MK2 Flash Meter
    dual5 Flash Meter

Eight Additional Shutter Speed

Eight additional shutter speed available to match the sync speed of virtually any camera. No guessing or searching for a shutter speed close to the sync speed of your camera.

Multi-flash Feature

It makes it simple to calculate how many times the flash must be fired to achieve a desired f/stop.

Oversized LCD Display

Oversized LCD display shows all the data and functions clearly and easily, even at full arm’s length. Large “analog” scale for easy fractional measurement.

Custom Program Level Function (PL)

It lets you personalize your flash meter to match your style of shooting. Adjust the flash meter level or return to standard levels with the simple button operation.

POLARIS Spot View 10

It changes the POLARIS Flash Meter into a 10°angle spot meter. So you can have an incident-light meter, a reflected-light meter and spot meter all in one!

Spot meter is useful:

    1. To get an accurate reflected-light reading of particular area of a subject.
    2. To get a reflected-light reading from a subject that’s far away.
    3. To measure areas of different contrast on a subject

POLARIS Flat Diffuser

It is used to measure the lighting ration between main and auxiliary light, to determine luminance values and to take exposure reading to flat subject such as painting or copying documents. Quick and Easy mounting!

Ideal for Multi-flash Photography!
★ Polaris PFT-28 professional wireless flash trigger kit

  • Versatile, reliable remote flash trigger for camera speed light and studio lights up to 100 meters / 300 fee away.
  • Easy to control the lighting in the cordless.
  • Works on the 2.4 GHz frequency reducing radio interference and an extended range (up to 100 meters / 300 feet) – no need to have line-of sight alignment, either, as radio waves will pass through walls, windows and floors.

Polaris PFT-28s Wireless Transmitter

  • Wireless Flash Trigger for camera speed light or studio light.
  • Wireless Remote Control for DSLR camera with remote socket.

a) Instant Shutter Release b) BULB / Continuous Shooting C) Shutter Release Delay



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