Photo Accessories

We offer proudly Prime quality, Hand-made, Well-designed, all Made in Japan products.

Photo Accessories

All-In-One Cleaner for Camera body & Lens

Are you disinfecting the camera?

The human hand is something that is unexpectedly dirty. Cameras that touch with such hands …? The protective case attached to the camera is also a source of dirt and mold.

Before storage of your favorite collection, why not try wiping it with disinfectant/antibacterial cleaners?

It is also effective against spores and pollen of molds as well as causing bacteria such as food poisoning.

Besides. it also has a deodorizing effect, so it can be used on sweat-stained straps and camera bags, as well as on personal items such as shoes and hats!

  • 【Component】 Hypochlorous acid soda, ph modifier, water
  • 【Capacity】300 ml
  • 【Country of Origin】JAPAN

Camera Soft Button Series (Screw Type)

More easy to shoot just with slightly pressing the button!
Make your camera more fashionable!





  • 【Dimension】10mm & 12mm
  • 【Color】Black Bullard Red, Dark Green Bullard, Green Bullard Yellow, Red Bullard White, Dark Antique, Silver, and more
  • 【Country of Origin】JAPAN

Canvas-made Camera Inner Case

Hand-made in Japan
Using a Japan-made No. 11 canvas
Lid of the cushioning material containing will protect from the impact from the top, and also reduce dust intrusion
Beige interior color is lighter so that equipment is easy to understand

“Transformed into a camera bag just put the bag!”

B typeB type_inside






  • 【Brand】YAMADAYA
  • 【Internal Dimension & Weight】
    A Type: Approx. W120 x H110 x D110mm / 95g
    B Type: Approx. W190 x H110 x D119mm / 120g
    C Type: Approx. W170 x H140 x D140mm / 155g
    D Type: Approx. W270 x H140 x D140mm / 215g
  • 【Material】Cotton, Plyester
  • 【Color】Dark Navy, Chocolate, Camel, Olive
  • 【Country of Origin】JAPAN

Original Hand-Made Leather Camera Case

Prime Quality, All Hand-made Camera Case, Made in Japan

This will make your valuable camera even more presentable and also protect it from inevitable external knocks, while at the same time be smooth in the hands when using it.

These camera cases handmade by an artisan, one by one, in the old center of Tokyo. Their quality and feel are extraordinary; “Perfume of REAL leather, high quality finish and stitching” writes one satisfied customer.

A unique feature of these cases is that the strap attaches to the case, not to the camera as with most other cases. This case effectively cradles your camera safely and gently without putting any stress or torque on the strap lugs. Your camera deserves it.

Reference Models

Leica M9, M8, M8.2, D-LUX3, D-LUX4, X1, X2, M6, M7, MP, M5, CL, M2, M3, M4, MP3, DⅡ, DⅢ, ⅢA, ⅢB, ⅢC, Ⅲf, Ⅲg
Nikon F3, FM, FE, FM3A, 28Ti, 35Ti, S, S2, S3, S4, SP
Canon L, P, 7, 7s, Ⅳsb
Rollei 35, 35S, 35SE
PRAUBEL Makina67
Mamiya 7, 7Ⅱ
Olympus PEN E-P1
Panasonic LUMI GF1
  • 【Brand】HIRANO
  • 【Material】Tanned Leather
  • 【Color】Black, Brown
  • 【Size of Strap】Length 110cm x Width 1cm
  • 【Country of Origin】JAPAN

Canvas-made Camera Pouch

All Hand-made in Japan
Using a Japan-made No. 11 canvas.
It is ideal to accommodate the mirror-less camera of state equipped with a standard zoom lens
Protect your camera in the fluffy polyester fabric
  • 【Brand】YAMADAYA
  • 【Internal Dimension】approx. W115 x H180 x D75mm
  • 【Weight】approx. 75g
  • 【Material】Cotton, Polyester (inner)
  • 【Color】Dark Navy, Chocolate, Camel, Pink Beige
  • 【Country of Origin】JAPAN

Photograph Mounting Card

Japanese traditional style well-designed card
Photos will even looks better
By add a message to the photos, also doubled feeling you give to someone special
No need tape or glue, it is easy pocket method of only inserting the photo and message card
  • 【Brand】YAMADAYA
  • 【Specifications】2L size storage, two-fold Two sides (Horizontal)
  • 【Material】Paper
  • 【Mount Thickness(*when folding)】4mm
  • 【Cover Thikcness】0.8mm
  • 【Cover Outside Dimensions】189 x 140 mm
  • 【Pocket Outside Dimensions】182 x 132mm
  • 【Weight】Approx. 45g
  • 【Includes】Message Card, Envelope (210 x 160 mm)
  • 【Country of Origin】JAPAN